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Shower design reccomendations

In order for your beautiful frameless shower enclosure to look perfect and do the job of preventing any splashes or leaks, your initial shower design and tilework should be done the right way.

The main factor that affects the shower enclosure look is the quality of tilework:

For best results please ensure that tile is installed as straight as possible, making walls and floor in the shower area straight.

To prevent leaks in a door area please create a little slope in on a shower sill. For a typical shower sill which is around 6" wide, we recommend having a 1/8" inward slope to drain all the water back into the shower.

In order to install most frameless sliding shower doors, your floor must be leveled or within 1/8" of being leveled for typical 60" opening.

If you have a shower without curb (just a flat floor, which makes entering shower easier and more comfortable), and you plan to install a swing door please create a little inward slope on the floor under the closed door. At the same time, please have floor leveled in the door swing area to ensure the door does not catch the floor as it swings.

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